"I’m still clinging onto your wrist even though you stopped holding my hand."  -

Clinging (#263: March 8, 2014)

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 Dallas, TX - 24/8

Dallas, TX - 24/8

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Watch Emma’s speech and take action

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Anonymous: "Hi ! how did you get your friends to get followed by eleanor ? Many people have dmed her my name and it never worked :("

Hey (: 

Well, I used to talk a lot with Eleanor through dms so I think it may be the fact that she remembers my username and she trusts me a bit, for that kind of things you know. Also, i rarely ask her to follow people, so she knows when I do, it’s not randomn people, i only asked her to follow respectful fans that happen to be my friends ..

But don’t give up, stay nice to her and she will soon i’m sure :) xx

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liam isn’t fat or gay in case you were wondering

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Jade and Danielle Peazer arriving at the Mahiki nightclub, September 20.
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More Rafa highlights (in hopes that next year we will be adding to this collection… such a sad day for Rafa fans!!!!)

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